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Hopper and Silos

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Building  (0)

Picnic Shed, portable, shelter, storage, valve house

Centrifuges  (5)

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Decanters  (0)

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Diesel, gas or petrol

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Axial or centrifugal

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Storage Tanks  (3)

including chemical storage tanks

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Weir  (0)

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Pumping Stations  (4)

Package pumping stations

Aerators  (2)

Surface aerators

Air Dryers  (0)

Blowers  (1)

Bridge  (0)

including travelling bridges

Burner  (0)

Chemical Dosing Equipment  (5)

Chlorination, Fluoridation,Lime handling

Clarifiers  (1)

Conveyors  (1)

Cyclones  (0)

Diffusers  (1)

Fine bubble, coarse bubble diffusers

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Ladders  (0)

Mixing Devices/Mixers  (1)

including agitators

Penstocks  (4)

Platforms  (0)

Safety Equipment  (8)

Abseiling Equipment, Air Respirator, Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space Equipment, EPIRB, Eye Wash Station, Fall Arrest, Gas Detector, Gas Response Kit, Life Jackets, LOTO Kit, Mask, Rescue System, Self Rescue, Tripod and Harness

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Specialised Mechanical  (7)

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Honeywell Safety Products Australia

43 Garden Boulevard
Dingley, VIC 3172

Best in Class Safety products

Aqua Guardian Group

Level 7, 175 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Modular evaporation and algal control system that prevents water evaporation by up to 88% and significantly reduces the risk of algal blooms

Ishigaki Oceania

Unit 3, 185 Eighth Avenue
Inglewood, WA 6052

Innovative range of excellent solid / liquid separation equipment

Kaeser Compressors Australia

45 Zenith Road
Dandenong, VIC 3175

Blowers & Compressors

Spanset Australia

13 Pullman Place
Emu Plains, NSW 2750

Safety products and training

Merck Millipore

207 Colchester Road
Kilsyth, VIC 3137

Laboratory Chemical Supplies

Rubicon Systems

1 Cato Street
Hawthorn East, VIC 3123

Design and manufacture of highly engineered water control gates and precision water measurement instrumentation, combined with wireless communications networks and advanced monitoring and control soft

Tecpro Australia

4/44 Carrington Road
Castle Hill, NSW 2154

Spray Nozzles, Hose Reels, or a Dust Suppression, Tank Cleaning or Water Jet Cutting Systems

VoR Environmental Australia

13-15 Aylesbury St
Botany, NSW 2019

VoR Environmental is the leading provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment in Australia and New Zealand, providing cutting edge technology


118 Roviras Road
Cohuna, VIC 3568

AWMA design, manufacture and install aluminium and stainless steel control gates and penstocks. Their turn-key capacity differentiates them in the industry.