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Actuators  (1)

Air Coolers  (0)

Bin  (0)

Hopper and Silos

Boiler  (0)

Building  (0)

Picnic Shed, portable, shelter, storage, valve house

Centrifuges  (5)

Chimney  (0)

Compressors  (1)

Crushers  (0)

Decanters  (0)

Digesters  (0)

Eductors  (0)

Engines  (0)

Diesel, gas or petrol

Fans  (0)

Axial or centrifugal

Flocculators  (0)

Gearboxes  (0)

Hatches  (0)

Heaters  (0)

Injectors  (0)

Lifts  (0)

Macerators  (0)

Munchers  (0)

BeltPress  (0)

Screw Press  (1)

Scrapers  (0)

Scrubbers  (0)

Silencers  (0)

Stairs  (0)

Steps  (0)

Storage Tanks  (3)

including chemical storage tanks

Trailers  (0)

Vibrators  (0)

Weir  (0)

Signage  (0)

Pumping Stations  (4)

Package pumping stations

Aerators  (2)

Surface aerators

Air Dryers  (0)

Blowers  (1)

Bridge  (0)

including travelling bridges

Burner  (0)

Chemical Dosing Equipment  (5)

Chlorination, Fluoridation,Lime handling

Clarifiers  (1)

Conveyors  (1)

Cyclones  (0)

Diffusers  (1)

Fine bubble, coarse bubble diffusers

Doors  (0)

Ejectors  (0)

Evaporators  (0)

Feeders  (0)

Flame Traps  (0)

Flues  (0)

Handrails  (0)

Hydrants  (0)

Ladders  (0)

Mixing Devices/Mixers  (1)

including agitators

Penstocks  (4)

Platforms  (0)

Safety Equipment  (8)

Abseiling Equipment, Air Respirator, Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space Equipment, EPIRB, Eye Wash Station, Fall Arrest, Gas Detector, Gas Response Kit, Life Jackets, LOTO Kit, Mask, Rescue System, Self Rescue, Tripod and Harness

Shredders  (0)

Strainer  (0)

Towers  (0)

Weighbridges  (0)

Specialised Mechanical  (7)

Mechanical General

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Tecpro Australia

4/44 Carrington Road
Castle Hill, NSW 2154

Spray Nozzles, Hose Reels, or a Dust Suppression, Tank Cleaning or Water Jet Cutting Systems

Frankston Bearings & Industrial

61 Hartnett Drive
Seaford, VIC 3198


GEA Westfalia Separator Australia

47 Northgate Drive
Thomastown, VIC 3074

GEA Westfalia Separator is the world leading manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for thickening and dewatering of municipal and wastewater sludges

Metaval Engineering Sales

17 Kelvin Road
Bayswater, VIC 3153

Equipment supplied includes, Penstocks, Stop Gates, Weir Gates, Hydrostatic Relief Valves, Chopper Pumps, Static Mixers, Tank Mixers, Steam Injection, Level Controls, Filters, Uni Flanges, Pipe Coupli

Rotor Tech Developments

Unit 2, 36-44 Atkinson Road
Taren Point, NSW 2229

RTD specializes in Pneumatic Conveying, Process Air & Gas Equipment and Filtration Technologies.

Strongform Industrial Tanks

2 Stradbroke Street
Heathwood, QLD 4110

High Quality Tanks

EPCO Australia

2A, 40 Reginald Street
Rocklea, QLD 4106

Design, manufacture, install and commissioning of all types of mechanical equipment

VWR International

Unit 1/31 Archimedes Place
Murarrie, QLD 4172

Global leader in the laboratory supply and distribution of consumables and equipment to the scientific and industrial markets


Unit 1/75 Kremzow Road
Brendale, QLD 4500

Distributors for a range of aeration, mixing and pumping equipment

Pump Selections

2 Pentlands Court
Delacombe, VIC 3356

Fluid handling technologies