Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing Water Directory

How can I contact a Supplier via the Listing?
Can I browse Water Directory by Company?
The Contact Details on the Listing are out of date
Why should I sign-up for an account?
How can I sign up to your newsletter?
How many Newsletters do you send?
How can I help to promote Water Directory?
How many emails do you send?
I have suggestions for Improvements for Water Directory
My Company is already listed on Water Directory, I didn't create this Listing. How can I edit the Listing?

Creating a Free Listing

Who can create a Free Listing?
How many Free Listings can I create?
I am an Overseas Supplier? Can I list in the Water Directory?
How do I create a Listing?
I don't want to remember another password. Do I have to give you all my details to Register?
Can I upgrade my Free Listing to a Premium Listing?

Creating a Premium Listing

Why do you have Premium Listings?
Why should I create a Premium Listing?
How Many Premium Listings can I create?
Can I upgrade to a higher level of Premium Listing?

Help with Creating Listings

What are the Rules for Creating Listings
We have multiple offices in various states and so we are based in multiple locations. How do we show this and provide office addresses for locations other than the primary address?
Can I upload Videos?

Selecting a Category to List

How many types of Categories do you have?
What are the Rules with regards to Category selection?
I can't find a Category that is suitable for my Product/ Service?

Paying for a Premium Listing

How can I pay for a Premium Listing?
What are the benefits of choosing a renewal subscription?

Cancellation, Deletion & Refunds

I don't want my Company Listed on Water Directory. Can you delete my Listing?
Can you Refund my Listing Fees?