Omega Chemicals

Omega Chemicals

Omega Chemicals has been a manufacturer and supplier of chemicals to the water treatment and other industries for nearly 40 years and has an association with some of Australia's leading water treatment companies.

Our products are available with a range of packaging options from 5 litre bottles to 40 tonne bulk deliveries. Many of our products, such as Caustic Soda and Sulphuric Acid are available at various dilutions according to customer requirements.

Omega Chemicals continues to grow year after year. The Company's success is partly due to it's personalised approach to customer relations. Every customer, regardless of size is treated equally and with utmost respect. Omega Chemicals' Customer Service Team are focused on a 100% Customer Satisfaction approach.

Please contact us for any additional information that you may require. We look forward to being able to assist you.

The Omega business has grown to include the manufacture and supply of Ferric Sulphate (Megaclear 12), Polyaluminium Chloride (Megapac 10), Aluminium Chlorohydrate (Megapac 23), Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite(MegaCHLOR), Hydrochloric Acid and Liquid Caustic Soda as well as custom blends of these. Today Omega Chemicals has the largest manufacturing capacity for the production of Alum and Aluminium Chlorohydrate in Australia.

Omega Chemicals has gradually diversified its product range and business activities in line with its ongoing objective for Company growth and customer requirements. The Company is now catering to the needs of the value-added sector, providing a range of formulations, blends and packaging options to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

The expanded range of water & wastewater treatment chemicals ensures a wider choice of quality products for Omega Chemicals customers, many of whom are responsible for providing water fit for public consumption.

Omega Chemicals supplies both the Australian and export markets, servicing customers in many industries including water and wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, tanning, cosmetics, mining and power generation industries.

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Company Information

Company Name: Omega Chemicals

ABN: 32 982 143 022

Year Established: 2000

Entity Type: PRV

Number of Employees: Unknown

Annual Revenue: Unknown

Specialities of Chemical Supplier

Water Treatment Chemicals Supplied: - Aluminium Chlorohydrates (ACH), - Aluminium Sulphate (Alum), - Aqueous Ammonia, - Ammonium Sulphate, - Calcium Nitrate, - Citric Acid, - Ferric Chloride, - Ferric Sulphate, - Hydrochloric Acid, - Magnesium Sulphate, - Phosphoric Acid, - Polyaluminium chlorides Aln(OH)mCL(3n-m), - Potassium Permanganate, - Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash), - Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), - Sodium Hypochlorite, - Sodium Metabisulphite, - Sulphuric Acid, - Zinc Chloride

Application by Function: - Coagulation, - Buffering and pH adjustment, - Flocculation

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Chemical Suppliers » Industrial Chemicals

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