About Us


Water directory is an online portal where you can find suppliers and businesses that serve the Australian Water Industry. The Water Directory has been designed from the ground up to be an Online Directory. In addition to providing contact information like a traditional directory, it is designed to inform and educate with relevant product or service information. It is designed to be user friendly to users and suppliers. 
You can read our responses to Frequently Asked Questions here.


Some of the benefits that the Water Directory provides to Suppliers and Business are as follows:
  1. Connect with your customers online by creating a product, service or location specific listing in the Water Directory
  2. Satisfy your customers need for information on your product or service by immediate access to brochures and images at a time they are interested in the information
  3. Create and develop an online presence so that you are found by new customers searching online and old customers that require an update
  4. Create a new identity or enhance your existing identity in a niche category
  5. Donít be left out, be seen in the water community
  6. Create basic listings for free
  7. Control your listing directly, Monitor performance, Change or Update listing at any time

You can create a Listing by clicking here.

The office is based in Sydney Australia.
Our address is:
4 Lansdowne Street
Eastwood NSW 2122
Our contact number is (02) 8091 7545


The Water Industry in Australia generates revenues in excess of 9 billion dollars and directly employees over 20,000 people. It is a growing Industry as higher water prices supports ongoing infrastructure development.

The industry however lacks an online directory that services its specific needs.

Water Directory was started in May 2013 to service the specific needs of the water industry for a reliable, community driven and user friendly online directory.

The directory is an online portal that provides individuals and organizations that service the water sector, with the ability to index and list their capabilities, areas of expertise, products and services.
It provides users an opportunity to find individuals and organisations that service the water sector, based on their specific requirements of expertise, products or services.
If you provide a service to the Australian water community and you have an ABN you can list in the directory for free.


The objectives of Water Directory are:

  1. Create a contemporary state-of-the-art online directory that is reliable, relevant, easy-to-use and exceeds the expectations of the water community;
  2. Categorise the directory content so that it is relevant to the searching user, easier to find and in sync with current industry practices;
  3. Leverage the versatility and capacity that come with creating the directory online and are not available in traditionally published paper directories. These include:
  • Ability for the advertiser to feature in search engine results for relevant search terms. Search engine optimisation will be built into the directory;
  • Cross categorisation Ė ability to link across multiple relevant categories
  • Ability to suggest related content
  • Advanced search capability based on multiple search criteria including areas of expertise & specialisation, location and keywords;
  • Ability to refine search results dynamically and narrow down to specific requirements
  1. Create an inclusive community by allowing low barriers to enter the directory (free listings); and
  2. Receive feedback from the community and create an online portal that is current and up to date with community expectations.