ROV Innovations

ROV Innovations

ROV Innovations conduct full High Definition (1080p) underwater surveys and inspections through Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVís) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs - or drones).†

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Company Name: ROV Innovations

ABN: 45 389 845 403

Year Established: 2011

Business Description: Underwater inspections

Number of Employees: Upto 10

Annual Revenue: Upto $1m

Description of Product/ Services

Application by Type of Water: - Potable or Drinking water, - Dam, Irrigation or Stormwater, - Recycled water

Application by Type of Water Infrastructure: - Treatment Plant or Facility, - Reticulation or Networks, - Pumping Station, - Irrigation

Listing Contact Person

Name: Michael Porritt

Title: Director

Phone: 0402284435


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Field Services » Diving/Video Inspections

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